What we show in the app 'Inform' is a form. What kind of forms can we make for you? Any kind! And is a newsletter or an order also a form? Yes, actually any display of information provided or a display requesting information can be called a form.


Forms that have to be built often are; workbook, survey, newsletter, registration, work instruction, interview report, hours- or carregistration, orderform, quotation request, reservation, inspection report, etc.

Form of Fields

Within the forms we work with fields. Depending on the function of a field, we choose the matching widget for that. Examples of widgets are; text field, photo or image field, multiple-choice field, barcode scan field, signature field, date and time field, search field, license plate field, checkbox, etc.


It is possible to put a pointer in an image and to add a comment. Or enter a license plate and retrieve RDW data or product data after using a barcode. If there is a functions not covered by a widget yet we may be able to develop it for you.